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Indexability Based on Categories Ryte's indexability reports the first section is an overview graph that is displayed in bar charts. Sections are highlighted with three colors. Green All is well. These URLs do not require any action. They are usually indexed automatically. Yellow These pages could be indexed. It is important to double-check whether they're. Red : This is a sign that there is something incorrect with the URLs. For example it could be that they were accidentally excluded from the robots.txt. It is worth checking these URLs. Figure 2 The bar chart of the indexability report is shown above. Red section It is recommended to begin with the red bar which will display any issues on your website. Clicking on any of the red bars (i.e. "broken", "disallowed by robots.txt" will activate the appropriate filter. A list of URLs will be displayed. They are not indexable. . Figure 3. When you click on "broken", only non-indexable pages will be list